Brown Turkey fresh figs from India grown in our captive farms

In the year 1996, Sam AgriTech Limited started trades of Fruits and Vegetables. Very lately, almost 2 years ago, they started exporting fresh figs from India becoming the pioneers to introduce fresh figs to international market. They can be stored for 10-12 days based on the packaging available of bulk packaging of 1.0kf to 1.5 kg trays and retail packs of 160g and 300g punnet.

  • Farms of Fresh figs are Global GAP and Organic* certified.
  • 2+ years of export and production experience of Fresh Figs.
  • European & US Adhered fresh figs residue standards with traceability of final produce.

Shelf Life

10 – 12 days depending on packaging


Retail Packs – 160g and 300g punnet

Bulk Packs – 1.0kg and 1.5kg trays


December to June