Our Foundation focuses on 3 main thrust areas which we believe are critical in the journey of India from a Developing Nation to Developed Nation.

Education | Health | Culture & Communities


Public Schools in India are facing crumbling infrastructure. Hence, we keep identifying public schools in proximity to our facility locations and constantly help them in improving their infrastructure .


Rural population in India have minimal access to quality diagnostics which can help prevention of critical illness. Hence, we regularly organize free medical camps in rural areas in proximity to our operations so that people have access to preventive care.

Culture & Communities

We support community building programs in the vicinity of our operations that encourage harmony & culture enrichment.

We focus on minimizing our impact on the environment and over the years we have taken multiple steps to reduce, reuse and recycle consumables & waste at every stage of our process. The three broad areas where we have focussed our efforts to pave the way for a greener tomorrow

Water | Energy | Waste Management


We understand the importance of conserving the most critical resource on our plant- Water. All our facilities have rain water harvesting pits and our new facility at Nashik is designed to be 100% self-sufficient by harvesting all the rain water there-by not depleting the underground water-table


All of our facilities have renewable energy sources. Our new facility at Nashik is 100% on sustainable energy. Our Roof-mounted solar panels generate enough electricity to power all our day to day operations including our pack houses, cold storages, common areas, office etc

Waste Mangement

We have created a robust program to decompose the fruit and vegetable waste generated in our facilities and is offered to our farms & contract farmers as organic manure. All our facilities have ETP’s to recycle the waste water which is then used for landscaping & greenery maintenance

As a philosphy, we focus on providing opportunities to rural, marginal, un-educated and under-educated women at all our facilities and farms. From employing 25 women workers a decade back, today we have over 500+ women working at our farms and facilities

Skill Development

    We have worked on moving the women from unskilled roles to semi-skilled roles like operating machinery, stock keeping, supervision etc

Work Environment

    90% of our workforce are women with very low attrition as they are provided with better pay, transportation, congenial work environment and other social benefits

Our farmers are the most valued stake-holders in our value-chain and we always have been transparent on pricing & commercials while also hand-holding them through technical and better growing practices

Farmer Engagement

  • We are actively and progressively working with marginal small farmers and FPO’s (Farmer Producer Organizations) in India and provide them with technical support there-by enabling them to comply with international GAP standards
  • We have successfully completed SMETA SEDEX audits at our farms to ensure the back-ward linkage of social compliance

Technical Support

  • We are always bringing in local and foreign experts to advise our farmer network on growing protocols, pest management, disease control, harvest management
  • We have been at the fore-front in introducing new crops and varieties to our farmer network which have better yields there-by providing higher income levels to the grower communities