Fresh Pomegranate exports from India, Bhagwa variety

In the year 1996, Sam AgriTech Limited started trades of Fruits and Vegetables. They now hold 17 years of experience in exporting freshly harvested, firm in texture Pomegranate Fruits to various parts of Middle East and UK from India with their sourcing from various other parts of the world including South Africa and Israel.

  • Pomegranate fruits sourced from 5,000 acres under captive and contract farms.
  • MRL standards, European & US adhered Pomegranate Fruits with traceability of final produce.
  • 17+ years of export and production experience in Pomegranate Fruits.
  • Pomegranate fruit sourced from multiple geographies – South Africa, Israel.

Shelf Life

60 to 90 days based on Pack Format


Retail Packs – 3kg & 3.5kg packed in boxes

Bulk Packs – 10kg & 20kg packed in boxes and crates


December to March; July to September