Exporters of Frozen IQF Arils from India

In the year 1996, Sam AgriTech Limited started trades of Fruits and Vegetables. Introduced the Frozen IQF Arils from India suitable for transit which are useful in various derivative products. Sam AgriTech Limited have access to IQF facilities at our Bangalore plant and can supply frozen pomegranate Arils. These IQF Arils can be used for pulping, juicing and other derivative products. They can be stored for 24 months in the temperature of -20 degree Celsius and available for transit all through the year. Available in Tailored bulk packaging based on customer specifications and retail packs of 5kg and 10kgs.

Shelf Life

24 months at -20 C


Retail Packs 5kg, 10kg

Bulk Packs – Based on customer specifications


Available year round